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What is Narcotics Anonymous?$

NA  Helpline is Available  7x24 $isss
NA is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean.  

NA Group Readings

If you need help call (708) 848-4884

Any time, day or night, you can call our Helpline  to speak to to a recovering addict and find out more about Narcotics Anonymous.


Llámenos al  708-848-5194 para la línea de ayuda en  español.  Para mas informacion en español haz click aqui


You can email us at
fax us at (708) 450-1885
or write us at:

Chicago Service Office, Inc.
1701 S First Ave, Ste 508A
Maywood,  Illinois 60153

Today's JFT reading


NA Meetings

NA Literature & Merchandise

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Chicagoland

 There are hundreds of meetings in the Chicagoland Region every day of the week where you can find help. All meetings are free to attend; there are no dues or fees.  Anyone who has a desire to stop using is welcome at all meetings.  

Some of our meetings are designated as OPEN which means that Friends, family or other visitors are welcome to attend

Click on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for each day of the online meeting directory

You can also print or view the  Full meeting directory (in pdf format)


Find meetings nearby to your location with the new improved Meeting Locator.


The interactive locator shows all meetings on a map based on your location.  You can enter your street address, intersection, zipcode, nearby landmark or city and it will find the nearest meetings to your location..  


Get started using this feature by pushing the Meeting Locator button below or on the blue bar running down the left side of this page.

Public Transportation

Automobile and bus/train directions are available using our Public Transportation Directions


Online & Phone Meetings

Our region does not host any online or phone meetings but we do have a link to the NA World Service list of online and phone  meetings.  

Click here for details.

Chicago Service Office (CSO)

Effective March 9, 2014

Monday and Tuesday closed
Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm
Thursday and Friday closed
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday 11 am - 6 pm
* Please call ahead 708-450-1880 to make sure the office is open
 CSO  Holiday Closing Schedule 
New Years Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
New Years Eve Day
Website Redesign Project
This website is undergoing a complete redesign. Our goal is to provide the same functionality as  now  with a more modern look and newer technology.

We invite you to look at the redesigned website and give us your comments and suggestions to make sure the redesigned website serves your needs as well or better than  the present website. 

Keeping the Meeting List Up to Date

Did you know that all concerned addicts can submit meeting changes directly to the website?  

Let us know when a new meeting starts, when a meeting moves to a new location or time, and also when a meeting closes.  

Submit your changes either with the Group Update Form or by  email to 

Incorrect or outdated meeting info on the website can send people to the wrong location or a meeting that no longer exists.  Did you know the helpline volunteers use the website to find meetings for callers needing help?  You can help them by keeping the meeting info up to date.

Meeting changes made on this website are sent monthly to the NA World Service website for update to their worldwide meeting directory.

Include your phone number, email address, and your relationship to the meeting (trusted servant, concerned member, etc) as part of any update.

Elections for  CRC XXVII Convention


Regional Service Committees

Narcotics Anonymous Events

Find events in or around Chicago, anywhere in the United States, or the World. The events page is filled with all kinds of things to do.


Most events include a printable flyer you can take to your meeting for inclusion in hte announcements folder.  Just click on the event name hyperlink for the flyer.

 Committees in the Chicagoland Region

The Chicago Region Service Committee (CRSC) and the regional workgroups meet regularly at the CSO.  Click on this link for the workgroup list and monthly meeting schedule     

Did you know that individual addicts and groups can make 7th Tradition contributions directly to the Chicagoland Region?  Just send  a check or money order (payable to CRSC) to the Chicago Service Office  at 1701 S First Ave, Ste 508A, Maywood,  Illinois 60153.  Include the words "7th Tradition"  in the memo area.

NA Way Magazine

CRSC Documents and Forms 

The Narcotics Anonymous World Service (NAWS) publishes the NA Way magazine online.  

The NA Way Magazine provides each NA member with recovery and service information, as well as recovery-related entertainment, which speaks to current issues and events relevant to each of our members worldwide. In keeping with this mission, the editorial staff is dedicated to providing a magazine which is open to articles and features written by members from around the world, as well as current service and convention information. Foremost, the journal is dedicated to the celebration of our message of recovery--"that an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose their desire to use, and find a new way to live."

Click on this link for the  NA Way Magazine home page on the NAWS website.

Filename: j0297161.wmf
Keywords: businesses, contracts, documents ...
File Size: 11 KBCRSC Documents and Forms



Copies of Chicagoland Regional Service Committee forms and documents are available, including approved Regional policy and monthly report forms.

  • Policy Documents

      CRSC Policy
      CSO BOD Policy
      Financial Policy
      CRC Operating Policy 2011
      Other Policy Documents 

NA Literature Now Available Online

NA Cleantime Calculator

Click here for Online NA Literature

The NA World Service is now making selected items of NA Literature available online! 

 Here is an excerpt from the NAWS New Year's greeting  to our region::  "As we welcome in the new year, we wanted to let you know that the Basic Text is now available online!  This is the first tangible step in the process of placing our book-length pieces online, as we reported at WSC 2006 and since" 

NA Cleantime Calculator

Follow this link for the  JavaScript Clean Time Calculator.. 


We believe it to be the best NA clean time calculator in the world. It was written by NA members for NA members.

Get your Group or Area a Federal Tax ID

Service Pamphlets
Get a Federal EIN number for your group or area checking account

The CSO has asked all groups and areas in the region not to use the CSO's tax id on checking accounts.  Your group or area can get its own tax id (called a Federal Employer Identification Number).  Call the IRS office at 1-800-829-4933 and ask for the EIN operation.

Service pamphlets
are not intended to be recovery literature or to be used as the basis of a topic during a recovery meeting.

Service pamphlets are intended for help in your discussion in group business meetings or in service committees.

Service pamphlets are intended to be one more tool to assist us all in our efforts to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.

Interactive Meeting Locator Map Downloadable NA Logos

Find meetings for any location in the Chicagoland Region.

The Meeting Directory  Page now lets you find meetings  on an interactive map of the entire Chicagoland Region  

You can zoom in on the area you are interested in and  see all nearby meetings pinpointed on the map for any day of the week.  

Filename: PE06240_.wmf
Keywords: bulletin boards, communications, George ...
File Size: 12 KBDownload NA Logos

We are providing downloadable files containing approved NA Logo and Symbol artwork. These are intended to assist groups and trusted servants in producing flyers, meeting lists, etc.

Please bear in mind that use of NA trademarks is governed by the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT). These are trademarked images, and must be used with respect.

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Webmail now available for regional trusted servants

Each trusted servant position at the regional level is being assigned a webmail account on  Webmail is accessible from any computer using a web browser.  

Anyone with internet email can contact regional trusted servants using these webmail addresses. Website Redesign


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